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6 easy ways to break up with single use plastics

Here are six easy ways to break up with the single use plastics in your life:

Shop Local
Shopping local not only helps support local businesses, it also reduces unnecessary plastic packaging. If you’re looking to reduce your face-time, be sure to check if your favorite local business will allow you to order online for curbside pick-up.

Watch our for Microplastics
Plastic microfibres are released from our clothes during washing. Many are so small that they aren’t filtered out by water treatment processes and end up in our local rivers and waterways. Sustainable laundry practices, such as washing less frequently, using cold water, and air drying your clothes can reduce the number of microfibres that are released.

Bag Your Own Groceries
Many groceries stores will allow reusable bags as long as you bag your own groceries. As an added bonus, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your eggs again!

Say No to Disposable Cutlery
With everyone opting more takeout, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by plastic cutlery and containers. If you don’t need them, be sure to request that restaurants leave out the plastic cutlery and try to choose take out that comes in reusable or at a minimum, recyclable, containers.

Know What’s Recyclable
Recycling should be the last, best option, but it’s important to know what can go in the bin. Get the low down on your blue cart and check out the Waste Wizard for more complicated items.

Do a Trash Audit
If you’re ready to do even more, one of the best things you can do is a waste audit. Track everything you throw away and recycle over the period of a week and look for ways you can reduce single use plastics and other waste in your life.

Ready to go even further? Get more tips in our Plastic Reduction Guide.

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