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5 steps to get rid of junk mail

If you’re anything like me, it probably feels like the only mail you get these days is junk mail. So how can you keep your mailbox from filling up with deals on new windows and coupons for new towels? Turns out, the answer is simpler than you might think.

You probably don’t analyze your junk mail before you throw it in the recycling bin, but there are actually two different types of junk mail. 1) Unaddressed advertising mail includes flyers and postcards that are delivered to everyone and 2) addressed junk mail, such as catalogues and marketing materials.

Here are some simple steps to help reduce the amount of unwanted or unnecessary mail you receive.

1. Let’s start with the unaddressed junk mail. According to Canada Post, the easiest way to stop unwanted flyers and postcards in your mailbox is to post a sign on your mailbox stating ‘No Flyers and Junk Mail.’ If you have a community mailbox, this notice can be placed inside the lip of your box.

If placing this notice fails to stop the delivery of junk mail, you can contact Canada Post for a service ticket and they will look into why you are still receiving junk mail.

Placing a notice will not stop the delivery of community newspapers, materials from government departments and officials, mailings from Elections Canada or any addressed mail.

2. What about addressed junk mail like catalogues?

The Canadian Marketing Association maintains a Do Not Mail service (similar to the Do Not Call list). Registering your address with them should stop any unwanted catalogues or related materials. However, it’s important to know that any catalogues and materials that you’ve requested may also be eliminated with this service. Registration takes six weeks to come into effect and lasts for six years.

3. Be sure to sign up for online billing and e-statements to reduce the number of paper bills you receive. Canada Post offers an epost service that consolidates all your e-bills and statements into a single place. If that’s not your jam, you can register with each of your providers individually to have them emailed to you.

4. Sadly, these steps won’t stop every piece of junk mail. For flyers that are bundled with community newspapers and other items not delivered by Canada Post, you will need to contact the business directly to be removed from their list.

5. If you’re someone who loves flyers and coupons, remember that most of these items are available online. A website such as will allow you to make a list of your favorite flyers so you can check them weekly.

Junk mail doesn’t have to overwhelm your mailbox. Thankfully, with a few easy steps, you can reduce or eliminate this annoying (and unsustainable) problem.