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How to Have a Green Halloween

Just like that, Halloween is right around the corner. For many, this is a fun occasion with so many ways to celebrate.  Unfortunately, with all those decorations and plastic-wrapped candies this spooky holiday creates a spooky amount of waste. It’s not only material waste that is produced, but also food waste – a large portion of which is from the countless pumpkins that are carved but never eaten. Let’s not forget the costumes that are purchased and only worn once before they are discarded… Fear not! We have compiled a guide for how to enjoy a waste-free Halloween this October and for years to come.

Make your own costume. Dressing up and creating an alter ego is half the fun of Halloween. As you are planning your outfit for this year, before turning to the shops, take a look through the items you already have. If there is a stash of old costumes somewhere, pull those out and spread them on the floor. Next, turn to your “everyday” clothes – what pieces do you have that could supplement a costume? Get creative! If alas you just can’t find the right pieces, send a message to a friend and ask if they are interested in doing a costume swap. Between a few friends, you can each create a fun, new costume without having to pull out your wallet. Need inspiration? Try searching “diy low waste halloween costumes” on the internet.

Reuse and repurpose decorations. Some of us already have a stash of decorations that get pulled out each season. If this is the case, you don’t need to throw them away to have a sustainable Halloween. Quite the contrary! Do your best to keep them in great condition so they last as long as possible. If you’re on the hunt for new decorations, try turning to the items around you first and get creative. Whatever theme you’re looking for, turn to what you already have and what friends are willing to swap first. Need inspiration? Try searching “diy low waste halloween decorations” on the internet.

Opt for tricks not treats. Who doesn’t love a tasty treat? Unfortunately, many of the classic Halloween candies are wrapped in single-use packaging which creates a whole lot of trash when discarded. There are two swaps you can make to fix this. The first option, consider performing a trick instead! If you like to get creative and showcase your talent, consider creating a skit or magic trick to perform in lieu of candy. A second, perhaps easier swap, is to hand out candy wrapped in recyclable packaging – such as smarties which come in cardboard boxes. If you’re making treats for friends or family, consider making something homemade with supplies you already have or from a low-waste store such as Bulk Barn.

Cut waste at your spooky soiree. Putting on a Halloween soiree for your household? Here’s a great place to start: let the whole household know you want it to be a waste-free Halloween so they too can contribute! Wherever you can, choose supplies you already have over buying something new. When it comes to food and treats, try buying less and buying local. For a full list of “how-to’s” check out our “How to Host Eco-Friendly Summer Parties and BBQs” article for some easy-to-follow tips.

Each year, this spooky holiday produces a spooky amount of waste, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By coming up with a plan and making conscious decisions along the way, it’s easy to have a green Halloween. Following this guide will help you scare the waste away and plan fun, creative, more sustainable festivities.