Green Your Everyday


Take your sustainability game to the next level with our Green Your Everyday guides. Find information on everything from greening your holidays to hosting a green event to creating a climate resilient yard.


Learn about waste in Lethbridge, read about community leaders and explore ways to reduce food and textile waste.

Green Your Holidays

Make your holidays green with tips on gift-giving and wrapping, holiday decor, food and more!

Green Your Events

This guide includes information on hosting sustainable public and private events, and green meetings.

Plastic and Waste Reduction Guide

Reduce your plastics footprint and make bigger changes towards a zero-waste journey with this guide.

Sustainability for Your Organization

This hands-on guide is intended to take businesses and organizations through the process of assessing the sustainability footprint and planning for the future.

Food Storage Guide

This guide provides tips on storing everything from vegetables to leftovers to help prevent food waste and help you get the most out of your food.

How To Talk About Climate Change

This guide will help you to feel more confident talking about climate change. It includes background on why having these conversations is important, tips on the types of people you might talk to, and strategies and resources to make your conversations more constructive, not contentious.

Creating a Climate Resilient Yard

Learn about plant selections and gardening practicies that will help you save water and create the sustainable garden you’ve always wanted.

Invasive Plants in Lethbridge

Learn how to identify and control invasive plant species in Lethbridge.